Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Found Objects in Storage Room B

We have two giant storage rooms that are really useful though are prone to abuse, i.e. throwing stuff in and hastily shutting the door before anything can escape. We are currently sorting through everything in the storage rooms and basically attempting to create a staging area for the move, that is, everything in boxes and ready to be loaded into the moving truck. Now given the aforementioned abuse, this has been a bit of a chore so we have decided to attack it bit by bit for the moment so today I went in to Storage Room B to do a little bit of work.

Today's project involved tackling several boxes that were retrieved from my parents' equivalent of Storage Room B. The project was tough because it included lots of sentimental objects that I could never throw away but don't often display or spend time with. Here is an inventory of some of the treasures, trash, and tidbits I found:

  • Grandma Pierce-made Raggedy Anne doll (keep)
  • Grandma Pierce-made teddy bear (keep)
  • Grandma Pierce-made porcelain doll styled after baby Kelly (keep)
  • Grad school notes on the evils of colonization (recycle)
  • Prom picture (keep)
  • Letter of support to then-presidential candidate Gary Hart by me, age 6 (keep)
  • Letter of support to Dad as school board candidate by me, age 8 (keep)
  • Easter egg dye circa 1996 (why was this saved? toss!)
  • High school graduation cards (keep but why? felt bad throwing them away...)
  • Cabbage Patch dolls (keep, reluctantly)
  • Hideous old photo album, empty (toss)
  • String of carrot-shaped lights (garage sale)

I could go on but hopefully this gives you a glimpse into our lovely storage room. The good news is that I have consolidated some old, warping boxes into neatly packed and stacked Rubbermaid bins, just waiting to be chucked into the truck. There's a lot more to go but it was a satisfying amount for today.

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