Friday, December 12, 2008


This will be a quick post but we are mostly settled in to our new home. The movers showed up right at 7:30 a.m. and were the fastest, most efficient, and friendly workers ever. Our apartment and storage unit were picked up and unloaded at the house by 11:00. It was the best move we've ever made and if you can get help for a reasonable price (especially if you compare it to renting your own truck anyway), well, it was worth it in keeping Austin and I stress free and actually laughing and joking around.

After the movers came, our new couch was delivered and it looks great. We did some unpacking, grabbed lunch, and then moved on to the toughest part of the day- Mr. Kitty. Our attempts to grab the little guy and put him in a carrier failed miserably and left all three of us feeling sad. We're going to go back later tonight when he is usually in a calmer manner anyway and give it another try. Poor Stinky, he's got some big changes to work through but he'll be ok.

Anyway, right now we're doing more unpacking and will spend our first night here, yay! Things are coming together better than we could have imagined and that's a great feeling.


Anonymous said...

glad you are getting settled! some of us want lots of pics!

Lori said...

Hmm, Kelly, moving a normal cat is tough during a move. The best we figured out was wrapping the cat in a towel and putting him in a carrier that's tipped up on it's backside (we don't have the toploading kind) so the cat falls into the carrier, you could try without a towel too. They showed us the tipped carrier trick at the vet. Worst case you might have to borrow a trap from animal control and trap him with food and move him that way. Good luck. Next time I'd try getting him in the crate before the chaos and either letting him hang out in the crate during the move or going ahead and move him first to the new house locking him in the bathroom or something with food, blanket that smells like you and toys.