Sunday, April 19, 2009


I haven't been able to post much lately since it's the end of the semester when there isn't enough time in a day. In addition to my teaching and student-ing workload, I've had additional meetings and paperwork related to the summer trip to Guadalajara. Austin has been busy too, especially since their department is severely understaffed these days. At the end of a given day, both of us are trying to de-stress enough to get some sleep and then the weekend comes and we feel much better.

This weekend, we had friends over on Friday night for an impromptu pizza dinner. Saturday we went out for tex/mex brunch, did some book shopping, and then attacked our overgrown front landscaping. I busted out the hedge trimmer and got the holly bushes in shape though half of the shrub is dead due to some kind of mildew. The big problem, though, is the ground cover. It has about six inches of twisting vines and deep root systems that are so entangled, it is almost impossible to get them out. Austin shovled and I followed roots and vines to break them off and help him finally break a chunk loose. It took forever just to get a small section cleared out. Being completely out of shape, we were exhausted after. We filled one contractor-sized garbage bag full of plant matter just from that one project. I don't know if we'll revisit it today because Sunday is homework day for me (exams in all of my classes this week, yes that includes stats!).

No other plans for the day other than the usual Target/grocery run and a little laundry and cleaning to spice things up. Then, another week...

Clearing Project

Trimming it back

Lantana shrub


Mystery backyard bush

Backyard Shrub

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