Saturday, June 5, 2010

Anniversary Dinner

Austin and I have lived here for almost two years but had not been to a restaurant on Lake Travis. Turns out one such place is near our house and we decided to check it out. I read the reviews for Cafe Blue and heard it was down a steep slope from the parking and the food was so-so but we persevered.

The view from our table was stunning.

Cafe Blue

Our starter was awesome, pepper-crusted ahi tuna plated on white wine stone ground mustard with an "Asian" dipping sauce (soy, ginger, orange juice, and heat?). Very flavorful. Nonetheless, it was a good adventure and we happily came home to have more of the cheesecake I made.

Cafe Blue

We sipped some margaritas and leisurely ordered our entrees while watching the water and enjoying the breeze.

Austin got one of his favorite dishes, coconut shrimp. They were good and came with a kind of marmalade dipping sauce which he didn't care for and the better Asian dipping sauce.

Cafe Blue

I got the Mojo Mahi-Mahi which was supposed to come with a cumin citrus mojo (I only got citrus) and pico de gallo. The fish was unfortunately overdone.

Cafe Blue

The rice pilaf we both got was aptly named "plate filler" by Austin and his cole slaw was blah too. My asparagus was alright. After dinner, we took the major hike back up to the parking area.

Up the stairs (which were very cute and decorated along the way).

Cafe Blue

I was reminded of the stairs on other vacations, like hiking up and down Gooseberry Falls in MN or any number of touristy sites in Europe.

We enjoyed our dinner even though it wasn't perfect; Cafe Blue seems like a good place for a cool drink and some good appetizers while taking in the view.

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I go away for a mere week and I come back to see 3 new posts! Love the picks and updates.