Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quiet Days

Things have been rather low-key here lately. Last weekend we ran some errands, grilled, and spent lots of time reading in the pool. Austin had worked so many hours previously that he had a four day weekend.

This week is nearly to an end, mostly with steady work here at the home office suite. On Monday, I went to a grad student pizza event and got to meet a lot of people in the program who are new(er). I still can't believe I'm so far along in the program. August is our three year Texiversary month and it seems unbelievable. On Tuesday, I interviewed someone for an article that's in progress. Fortunately, she's a fascinating woman and we met over tapas (picture above is some Torrontes and artichoke dip). She had lots to say which is always wonderful for interview data. The rest of the week has been spent closer to home.

The heat wave continues and I'm sad to see my tomato and pumpkins flowers withering up rather than turning into little fruits. The morning glories are more like morning wearies these days and even the sunflowers look like they're ready for some relief. I ended up planting late in the season since I was too busy with the spring semester but the drought is just doing them in, as much as I try to help. I'll be so bummed if I don't grow a single pumpkin for fall.

On deck for the weekend is more downtime, grilling, and I'm looking forward to seeing "The Help" with a friend after reading the book for my group last summer.

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I have nothing interesting to say about this post. I just enjoyed reading it. Nice post!