Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Days

Don't be misled by the photo; fall in Texas means we have the doors and windows open as much as possible. It's different than the crisp autumn weather I miss but I have woken up chilly a few mornings so far. I'll take what I can get, especially after a summer that officially had only three, THREE, days that were not tied or breaking record temperatures.

I've set out fall decorations in the house and this weekend we'll do a few minor yard decorations. I can't believe those will be up (at least the non-Halloween stuff) until they are replaced with Xmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving.*

Depending on how the weekend goes, I'm also considering visiting a pumpkin patch. After my pumpkin vines failed, it might be fun to select my own rather than just scooping a few up at the grocery store.

*Still in need of Thanksgiving guests, come one, come all!

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