Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Week

We had a quiet weekend at home since we have been busy and traveling a lot lately. On Sunday evening, I went to a girlfriend's house to watch Miss Representation, a documentary about women and girls and the media. She made sweet potato-chorizo soup and the other guests brought some wine and cheese. The documentary was good but not great; I liked the message and learned some new things but I felt it could have been put together in a better way. I can barely sit through a regular movie so what do I know about film production, though? Last night we threw healthy eating to the wind and had nachos and beer/cider for dinner while watching the Packers game. Fortunately, the game did not make me nervous but my cheering drove Stinky from the room. We finally got rain today, for the first time in ages. We still need much, much more but we'll take it. I am finishing up some conference work and love having candles light around me. Tea is a given but it's even more enjoyable on a dark, dreary day. I leave Thursday for Denver and will be back on Sunday. I've got some good friends I'll be meeting up with and presenting with so I'm really looking forward to the conference.

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Erin Conroy said...

sounds like a nice weekend. Kozmo & Triana, though still kept their distances, were closer to us than usual during the game...maybe the fact that it was a blow out helped, lol. As my dad says, it was a "good-boring game." :) Safe travels to Denver.