Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good Things

I thought I'd have a lot more time to blog and do different projects post-dissertation, but selling the house and keeping up on staging has gotten in the way. At risk of sounding cryptic, I'll say that things on the house front are progressing well and we're happy. It's been a good day here and Austin and Stinky got do a little afternoon reading and dozing.

I've also been doing some pleasure reading, relaxing, and lazing around this weekend. We'll be eating some (truly) yummy leftovers tonight and watching a movie. Tomorrow is our six year anniversary and we don't have any big plans but we will be cooking dinner together and enjoying a quiet evening. We will be traveling to Puerto Rico in early July for a conference I'll be presenting at and Austin decided to join me. We have deemed that trip our anniversary experience (we almost never do gifts--always experiences of some sort shared together).

So yes, things are good. Crazy, moving forward, and busy, but very, very good.

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