Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Quiet Fourth

At risk of repeating myself but to report what has actually been going on here, I'll just say that we're still working through the details of the home sale. We were told we'd hear a key piece of information on Monday or Tuesday but it never came through. It would have been nice to know before heading to Puerto Rico but with all our devices, we should be able to stay in touch with our agent and deal with things once we hear any news.

I got a good chunk of things packed over the past week and even sold a few things on Ebay. Other items have been freecycled away and still others are hanging out on Craigslist, not getting much buzz. We have a stack of books ready to donate to our local Friends of the Library for their book sales (and there are some interesting titles in there!). It's coming along and we'll hit it even harder when we're back home.

We leave tomorrow and will have CatCam live and making sure Stinky doesn't drink all our beer and cider while we're gone. I've done a little more research on some places we'd like to visit, places we'd like to eat, and we've planned to have some unplanned time (i.e. lounging at the pool or beach, fully-stocked Kindles in hand).

This means no real plans for today; we didn't even think to plan a grilling meal for dinner tonight. We're going on a few errands today including finding sun hats that look reasonably ok on our heads. Because of our Norwegian-Scottish and Irish-Swedish roots, well, sunburn even happens on the ol' scalp. Neither Austin nor I has been the type to look particularly jaunty in a hat* but we are pretty attached to our skin and plan to take care of it. We'll also be grabbing a few other random travel-y things and doing some laundry. It'll be a good day but not the traditional 4th. Then it's time for one of our favorite things: un viaje juntos.

*Researchers disagree if we've ever looked "jaunty" under any circumstances, hat-based or otherwise :)

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