Friday, November 2, 2012

More Autumn

It's been too long. Work has been keeping me busy and the fun, bright points along the way just haven't made it to the blog. There was a haunted corn maze by night, a batch of fantastic beer-cheese soup, walks along the trail near our house, and more. Maybe I need to get better at using my phone to snap a quick picture and do some mini blog posts. At any rate, one weekend certainly warrants a full-on post.

A nice thing about being back in the Midwest is that we're much closer to family and friends again. In mid-October, I was able to make the quick, two hour jaunt to IA to see a dear friend. You know you have a dear friend when she keeps a section in her recipe collection with your name on it. Wow!

It was fantastic to see Sharon's home, meet her adorable 10 month old, meet the dogs, and get to talk to her husband more. We went out for dinner with Sharon's friend who I had been looking forward to meeting and Courtney was an absolute delight. Later, there were walks around campus and parks, both receiving gifts from and preparing goodies for our friends from this summer's LadyMoon, lunch in a cute part of town, and more. On the second night, Sharon prepared her amazing pesto-pear flatbread. It was fall on a thin crust.

We also enjoyed some cauliflower-broccoli cheese soup and a rustic pear galette for dessert. There was mulled wine and a fire just to add even more coziness to the evening. It was a perfect weekend.


Catherine.Emmanuelle said...

Sounds like an unbelievably wonderful weekend. If it was possible, I'd love for powers to package the weekend up in an everlasting gobstopper. Thank you for sharing. And I just might make a Kelly section in my cookbook--I love that idea!

AthenaMB said...

When there are so many tasty recipes you've been meaning to try, not enough meals to make them in, and your partner can't/won't eat some of the ingredients, you have to be strategic. Kelly's pretty easy to coerce when it comes to cooking and fall dishes, lucky for me!