Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Farewell to Iowa

On Tuesday, I headed west for my last trip to Iowa for awhile. My friend, Dr. MB, lives there and it was time for another visit while I was still under two hours away. We packed in a ton of cool stuff in just over 24 hours:

  • a homemade lunch of herb and panko crusted shrimp and cheesy green chili mashed potatoes
  • a trip to the Figge Art Museum where we also sat at easels and drew (Dr. MB's work pictured below)
  • a little coloring time with the lovely 18 month old Mademoiselle J
  • dinner with another friend at The Crane and Pelican where I fell in love with smoked Gouda soup and saffron risotto then dessert at a frozen yogurt shop
  • morning coffee/tea with Dr. MB's colleague where even more art happened (also pictured below)
  • a little work on our fall conference presentation
  • great conversation and hospitality throughout

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