Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Group

Once again, it's been awhile since I posted given the busy-ness level. Last weekend, I was at a conference in Lexington which was great but time consuming. Nonetheless, we made time to host the first book group and it was lovely. It was the first official entertaining we did in our home which made it even more exciting.

I made a tortilla española and Austin made his amazing Boursin crositinis. Other folks brought sangria, patatas aïoli (I've already scored the recipe for that one!), and a spicy cheese dip and chips. Of the six of us, only one didn't get into the book, The Shadow of the Wind. Several people mentioned that it wasn't the sort of book they'd normal select but they really enjoyed it. I had a hard time with discussion because I had also read the prequel and started on the sequel so it was kind of a blur for me. Our next pic is World War Z.

Stinky bolted as soon as the doorbell rang but amazingly, emerged to take a look at things later on. Our Croat friend spoke to him in Croatian, assuring us cats love Croatian, and sure enough Stinky listened without making a beeline to safety.

I'm looking forward to our next book group meeting and a few other social events that are starting to make their way onto our calendar. Finally, I know it's still two months away, but I am really excited for my parents to visit for Thanksgiving.

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