Sunday, October 13, 2013

Good Things

Yep, I'm stealing Martha's line, but it works. It's beginning to look like fall around here and that makes me happy. I often walk past this little grove of sumac on my way to my office and I'm watching the color transformation. (Side note: I bought ground sumac berries and need a recipe to use them in. Any tried and true recipes out there?)

Rosie felt the need to check in when we were putting up fall decorations and had to approve the wreath. She has been lying on our front step regularly now, often meowing through the door if she hears us. So far Stinky hasn't noticed her there though they have had "words" through the back window screen. Watching Rosie hide under neighbors' cars and pop up out of nowhere makes me feel better about making Stinky an indoor-only cat, even if he doesn't realize it's for his own good.

The front stoop is decorated though we'll be changing it up just a bit for Halloween, then it will go back to this look for Thanksgiving. Our weather this weekend hasn't been terribly autumnal but the week will start off in the 70s then a front will bring some rain and highs in the 60s--I can't wait. We're also hoping for a calmer work week; from government shutdowns affecting Austin's work to a serious student issue impacting mine, the past week was a doozy. Fortunately we had an awesome weekend together which we kicked off with a faculty dinner party attended by really interesting folks (seriously, a guy who worked on a National Geographic boat for 15 years, a prof who regularly takes students to the Galapagos Islands, an engineer who designs headliners for vehicles, and more). There was also movie night, a brunch of pumpkin spice pancakes, and some football watching. Good things.

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