Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Up North

We headed up to Minnesconsin on December 22nd for a quick trip for the holidays. We did Christmas with my immediate family on the 23rd and it was a lot of fun to see the niece and nephew open their gifts. Each couple made some appetizers and we enjoyed sangria that we kept nice and cool outside the backdoor. Christmas Eve was the traditional dinner with my extended side of the family and I got a nice photo of the oldest and youngest members of the family, so sweet.

We then spent the next couple of days with Austin's family and I got to watch my other nephew tear into his gifts. We also had time to visit while sipping coffee/tea and my sister-in-law and I sneaked out for a fun girls' lunch with a friend (and now my SiL's coworker!).

It was a wonderful visit but Stinky was the only one who wasn't pleased. We got lots of sass when we returned and he still is quite clingy. It must be difficult to be a cat but at least he gets to spend New Year's Eve with us.

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