Saturday, July 19, 2014

One Week In

This week has flown by. Between teaching and doing some consulting work, I've been keeping quite busy. One evening, while I was in my apartment, I heard some English and stepped out on my balcony. The next thing I knew, I had an invitation to a party at a nearby home that was being rented by a family from Texas. The home was incredibly beautiful and had stunning views. This photo is from the top terrace. We enjoyed quesadillas, chips with salsa and guacamole (made by the young daughter), and some tasty margaritas. My hosts also attended along with a mother and son from Seattle who were here studying Spanish. I wanted to stay longer but I teach early so I headed back to my little home before it was too late.

The master's students presented their thesis research last evening and this morning. Last night, three other professors and I went to a fantastic restaurant to determine the outcome of the presentations. We ordered a bottle of wine and tapas: a cheese board patatas bravas, shrimp in a creamy Pernod sauce, and tapenade. It was delicious and I may need to treat myself to dinner there before I leave.


Another student rented a large and beautiful home so she hosted a party to celebrate so we went to that after. It was amazing having wine on the rooftop terrace watching bolts of lightning crashing all around us. Eventually, it started to rain and we went inside. I ended up with my students at a salsa bar until 1:30. I behaved myself nicely and had a student from our program walk me home when everyone else went out for street tacos. We were up and at 'em for presentations at 9:00 this morning.

After the presentations, I went to this tea shop that I am in love with. They have a great tea menu and at some point, I'll give there food a try too. They have a pig theme (hence the cookie next to my cuppa) and they have books all over for people to enjoy in the shop or borrow. All of my books are on my Kindle otherwise I'd be inclined to leave a book there. I had a little nap today, found a beautiful purse (I've been on the hunt for months), and did some strolling around. I found a little Asian joint by my apartment and I'll probably get takeout for dinner and curl up and read and go to bed early.


Liz said...

Idyllic and lovely. What is your weather like? Other than the lightning storm...

Liz said...

Many more interesting things must have happened since July. Your audience awaits.