Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not So Fun Travels

I'm currently at the airport in Milwaukee waiting for my flight to Louisville after being stranded last night. I left Minneapolis at 2:00pm yesterday and during the flight, we were diverted from Milwaukee to Madison due to weather (cloud ceilings? fog?). From Madison we were bused to Milwaukee and I missed my connecting flight. No other flights to L-ville were available until morning and hotels were quickly booking up since a number of others were dealing with the same situation.

I was in line for an hour and a half to re-ticket and get my hotel "voucher" which did nothing other than give me a number to call that checked all open hotels in the area that I still had to pay for. I ended up at the Motel 6, now known as the Motel Sux. One fine hotel guest was in the lobby drinking vodka straight from bottle and chasing it with orange juice straight from the carton in a deconstructed screwdriver, I suppose. This morning I discovered there was no hot water and it was too icy to even try a shower. I could not get a cab and since the airport is very close, started walking. On a positive note, I found a park and ride that let me get on the shuttle for free because I wasn't parking. It was a huge help because my luggage was heavy and crossing the streets to the airport looked unfriendly to pedestrians.

Right now it says my flight is on time even though the area is currently under a tornado watch. Boarding should start in about 25 minutes.

I'm glad this happened on the way out and hopefully it won't happen on the return. Plus at this point, staying in a nice hotel and grading exams all day actually sounds just fine. It can only get better now... (fingers crossed).

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