Sunday, June 29, 2008

Of People and Packing Tape

Hmm, so I failed to get any blog-worthy pics during my travels last week but that's only because the visits were so funny that I didn't bring out the camera too much. I saw lots of old friends and got to see a new baby and had an all-around good time visiting.

Other than people, I've been packing. I know it sounds like we're packing all the time but in three years, lots of stuff accumulated in our 2200 square feet. It's time consuming to sort, recycle, freecycle, and finally pack the remainder. This weekend, though, we made some good progress.

Tomorrow I'm going "up north" and saying farewell to Spooner; I don't know when I'll be back again (Xmas?). I am going to stay at a cabin with LeeAnne and hang with my mom (my dad is Canada with the boys). Then I have two days to prep for summer school and it will be the July blur...!

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The Godfreys said...

I can't wait for Kelly/Bergie time :)