Saturday, May 23, 2009

CR Spells Relief

CR = credit = I passed statistics! I have more research courses to take but nothing like this hardcore quantitative stuff, I'm a qualitative person anyway. Huge, huge relief to have that out of the way, it was a real struggle.

I lost track of what day it was after Tuesday (stats final) and spent my days lazing on the couch, reading for fun (what a concept) and running errands that had been put off during the end of the semester. Now Austin has a three day weekend and just a two day work week next week since he has some time off for our trip to San Antonio. I hope he loses track of the days too.

We are enjoying a low key Saturday and will be meeting another couple for pizza and beer at one of the dives that adds to the "Keep Austin Weird" slogan. After that, we're considering braving the hell that is Whole Foods on a Saturday, a holiday weekend no less, and picking up some delicious grill-ables and sides. An evening on the patio sounds perfect.

As for the rest of the weekend, we are playing it by ear. We'll probably attempt to make some candles since we have all the supplies and do a few things around the house. I think we might also do some reading, cooking, lounging, and maybe watch a movie. Oh, and our very favorite activity, Looking At Our Cat (yeah, it's come to that now...).


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corgimom said...

congrats! Time to celebrate big!