Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick Update

I'm in the midst of studying for finals and finalizing the grades for my two sections of classes. Here is what's been happening chez nous in random order:

  • We decided to take a little trip to San Antonio (about 90 minutes away from us) for our wedding anniversary. We got a nice deal to stay here and are going to enjoy the Riverwalk, the Alamo, the restaurants and shops, rooftop pool- mostly we just want a low-key time to relax and it's looking promising. Anyone been to SeaWorld? We're considering it...
  • I am NOT going to Mexico because the University canceled the trip due to the swine flu. I'm really bummed, it was going to be such a cool experience, but hopefully I can take part next summer. Also, we now have a great back yard, patio and grill so I'll make the most of sticking around here.
  • We having been getting together with another couple that we really like and we're going to hang out again this weekend for pizza and beer (wine for me?). They know lots of cool places downtown so it's been a nice excuse for us to escape the boring 'burbs.
  • This weekend, Austin is going to install an Ikea cabinet above the toilet in the master bath, like a real cabinet, not just a wall hanging cheapie thing. Then he is going to install an under-cabinet radio so I can finally dispose of the boom box that I currently use; it was my first CD player boom box (circa 1991) and has a wire hanger for an antenna. I cannot get ready in the morning without my dose of NPR so it will be great to have a sleek little radio that I won't trip over anymore.
  • We got the ice cream maker out of our shed and are freezing it so we can experiment with some sorbets this weekend, it's been unseasonably warm lately (90s).
  • We booked our tickets for MSP to come back in September for Paul and Erin's wedding. The nice thing is that we'll see a lot of my family and Austin's friends at the wedding then we'll also get to see his parents while we're in town, even if it's a short visit.
Ok, enough blogging, time for me to hit the stats book again. That exam will be done as of noon next Tuesday!

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