Sunday, June 21, 2009

Drama in the 'hood

Austin and I were lounging this morning when, shortly before 10:00, there was a knock at the door. Not trusting anyone who knocks on Sunday morning, we ignored it (plus who wants to answer the door in pj's and with bed-head?). Later I found a message on my cell phone and it was a neighbor informing me that she had found a certain cat's collar on her front step! I knew which neighbor it was, the elderly woman who detests cats; our next door neighbor told us as much as did her husband. Nice work there, Stinkles. And she didn't just leave the collar, she is coming back this evening, so I suspect we may get a talking to about the nocturnal habits of our furry black roommate. We have shared our displeasure with Mr. Stinky but he just elegantly walked away with a flick of his tail and proceeded to lie down for a nap, tired as he was after his night out.

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