Saturday, June 13, 2009

Express Game

Austin and I went to a baseball game last night. We received free tickets, parking, and food from our real estate agent and got to hang out on the Party Porch. Austin and I both had good experiences at Saint Paul Saints games so we decided to check out the Round Rock Express (and interestingly enough, Express was the name of the Eau Claire team too). The only tiny little snag is that zOmg it was GAME SEVEN for the Stanley Cup and Austin's long time favorites, the Detroit Red Wings, were playing. Thank goddess for Tivo.

We had an arduous journey to get to the game, stuck in a traffic jam and stressing about how to graciously leave early. It has also been unseasonably hot here (10 degrees above average) and even with the a/c on, the sun beating down through the untinted car windows while we were at a dead stop wasn't pleasant. But alas, we made it and as soon as we got to the porch, it was instant fun. The stadium was huge and beautiful and we had a great view (but didn't bring the camera). The food was really good and they even had some tasty veggie burgers. We got to meet a friend's cousin who ended up referring us to our agent (we were stretching to find someone, anyone in Aus-town that could recommend a good real estate agent and we got it!) and Austin ended up talking tech stuff with the guy while I found out his wife would soon be at grad school in the Germanic studies department. We also met other nice people and discovered that our agent's son-in-law owns a roofing company.* It was really fun and the only drawback was that the scoreboard sometimes flashed the scores of other games so Austin was terrified he'd see the Wings update.

We finally decided to leave, having enjoyed the game much more than we anticipated, and headed home around 9pm. We saw the most spectacular lightning storm on the way back but it didn't rain. Then we tucked in to watch the Tivo-ed Wings game and they ultimately lost but Austin enjoyed the intensity nonetheless.

It was a great Friday evening and now we've got an unscheduled Saturday ahead of us (writing code for Austin, school work for me) except for dinner. Austin has been craving coconut shrimp like a madman lately so we're going to go out to dinner tonight in search of a fix for him.

*This is why we need a new roof. Our entire neighborhood has been getting spammed with flyers and mailings from roofers and every house seems to have a different company so we were at a loss of who to choose. Now we know!

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