Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Nothing too exciting to report from the Lunderoy headquarters, we're just enjoying a little down time this weekend before we travel for a wedding next weekend and before I become fully absorbed in the fall semester.

Garden Shopping

On Friday, my friend Beth and I went garden shopping. She recently got a new apartment with a nice balcony and I've been wanting to change our landscaping a little when the weather cools down. There's a great nursery by our place so Beth and I checked that out and then returned to my house for a living room picnic of cheese, hummus, crackers, and fruit. The evening was topped off with a thunderstorm, a rare event in Texas but I really enjoy rain and storms.

Garden Shopping

Yesterday Austin and I went out for lunch (he insisted that it was International Bacon Day so he really needed to observe the holiday). After lunch, we browsed one of those seasonal Halloween costume stores for ideas and are actively accepting suggestions for both of us if you're so inclined. Then it was off to the mall to find rehearsal dinner gear and we were pleased to discover that Dillard's carries tall shirts and ties so Austin was fitted appropriately. It was also nice to be helped by an old-school sales clerk who knew everything about men's fashion and the rules of putting an outfit together. On the same mall trip, I found some jewelry and a wrap for my rehearsal dinner dress. After the mall, we browsed books at Barnes and Noble and then picked up some dinner and headed home. It rained again so it was the perfect night for a movie and pasta for dinner.

Today is our designated work day so we'll be making a Home Depot run to get more mulch for the yard. Austin needs to do some edging and weed whacking and I need to do some weeding. We'll do our usual Sunday grocery run and get ready for the week so we can chill tomorrow. Before we know it, we'll be waking up at 4am on Friday to fly home for the first of the fall weddings we'll be attending.

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takenob said...

Fun! Our Sunday mornings are spent drinking coffee and watching an episode of "Moving Up" on TLC. We like to watch others to housework rather than do it ourselves! Ha!