Monday, May 17, 2010

From Finals to Flying

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I think this semester ended in probably one of my most intense finals weeks; between my own papers and projects, I had 50 or so students to evaluate and grade. This is just life for a grad student but it seemed more challenging this semester. I submitted my last paper on Friday and my student grades on Saturday then finally had the time to plan for my trip home for which I am leaving today, Monday. I just could not see past finals so, while I was aware of the upcoming trip, I hadn't really planned for it or done a whole lot to get ready. I spent the rest of the weekend and doing so and now I'm off, bridesmaid dress in tow!

Austin will be holding down the fort and making sure that Stinky's cuteness is constantly being monitored. We'll be celebrating our anniversary when I get back and we've got a trip to CO schedule for the end of July for, you guessed it, another family wedding. I think all of our nearest and dearest are married so hopefully 2011 will give our travel budget a little break.

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