Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home Again

We got home from CO last Sunday night and hit the ground running with the work week. It was a good but long week for us so we spent this weekend trying to balance productivity (work, yard work, errands) with leisure (cooking for fun, pleasure reading, Austin gaming). I got a new laptop on Friday evening, much in need of one that didn't freeze by having more than one application open at a time, and Austin has been helping me set it up.

Nothing too exciting to report, just getting back into our routine and enjoying sleeping in our own bed again. The photo is of our purple sage that occasionally bursts into purple blossoms; we heard it means it is going to rain but that doesn't seem to be true. Still, it's really pretty and our neighborhood is full of them. Having about 11 of the 12 months full of color and life has been great.

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