Friday, August 27, 2010

Ahh, Friday...

Some stuff from this week:
  • I started two of the three courses that I'll be taking this semester and they seemed good. My ed class is interesting and my Spanish Linguistics class has a comforting, old-school feel and the professor reminds me of my beloved old profs from my Master's program. I start my third class on Tuesday.
  • I taught my first of two classes and, for the first time in awhile, I've got a section where everyone has had Spanish at some point. They were great! Very motivated and eager to get beyond the basics. Tuesday I teach my second section which is a graduate course and they are usually wonderful too.
  • Austin worked a lot and intensely this week, maybe I should only post when he doesn't. Blah. Poor guy.
  • The office is halfway done and should be completed after this weekend. Now I'll be trying my office set-up in the guest room.
  • Happy hour last night was good but bittersweet and I'll miss my friend. She is taking her cat all the way back to Spain and the poor little fellow has been doped up and makes up her carry-on luggage.
  • We are completely uninspired for cooking; please post your (healthy) ideas in comments if you feel like it.

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Athena MB said...

Check out this recipe from Simply Recipes. One of my favorites. I know it calls for mushrooms and how you feel about that but substitute any veggies you like instead and/or a protein. Delicious!