Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This is Austin, the grillmaster, preparing all sorts of foods. My friend came over and each of us had a different meat- bratwurst for her (the coiled sausage you see), New York strip for Austin, and tuna steak for me. We also grilled up some veggies and had a fresh green salad. Today was warm and sunny, hitting the lower 90s which is now warm to me when the humidity remains low.

Yesterday, we painted the bathroom (pics when it's fully reassembled) and did some much needed yard work since the weather is finally making that task more enjoyable. Austin also fixed our mower and the $30 Craigslist wonder keeps on keepin' on.

Friday evening, Austin headed to his favorite electronics shopping destination (I can't call it a store because it's bigger than Best Buy and has a cafe in the middle) while I stayed home and worked on some materials for the conference I'll be attending in November (translation: I made puppets made from paper, crayons, and tongue depressors pilfered from my place of employ). It was finally cool enough to open all the windows for the first time this season so I enjoyed that feeling and lit several of the autumn-scented candles we made once upon a time to pretend the crispness of fall was coming sooner than it really is.

All in all, our weekend has been that satisfying balance of productive and relaxing. Tomorrow I'll do my usual prep for my long day of classes on Tuesday and I think Austin has plans to work on a hard drive and another techie project related to our entertainment center. All in all, a very good weekend at the LundeRoy Lodge.

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