Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tiny Bubbles

Welcome to Fermentation Watch 2010. Here's the air lock, bubbling away. That's vodka in it since water would easily get contaminated with bacteria.

Here's the juice.

So, dear reader, can you come up with a catchy name for our labels (assuming this stuff isn't disgusting and we actually bottle it)? We're taking suggestions.


Matt Hoy said...

Fizzy Lifting Drinks
AK-47 Cider (AK= Austin and Kelly)
Pan-galactic Gargle Cider
Schrute Juice

AthenaMB said...

LundeRoy Liquor? Although AK-47 Cider is pretty funny!

Liz said...

Holy crap! That's totally scary-looking.

I suggest Austin Ass-Whipping.

Liz said...

Or maybe Austin Ass-Whup

paula said...

Bevo Brew. Love the burping airlock thing.

Paula said...

I'm totally mesmerized by the airlock burping. Keep coming back to watch it again and again. Guess my life needs more spark.