Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good Things

A non-secret about me is that I love Real Mail. I love stationery and stamps and post marks and handwriting. I love email too but Real Mail is extra special and surprise packages, even better! I try to get the mail every day though Austin is more of a cynic, expecting junk mail and not much else. I always reply that there could be something cool, you just never know. Well, over the past 10 or so days, I've been very fortunate.


It's also no secret I love fall and my mom sent me several sheets of laminated leaves from WI. They are taped up in the windows and are a reasonable substitute for the real thing. I have noticed some foliage around here turning golden yellow, lots of acorns on the ground, and falling leaves. The color in my window is just the thing.

I also got an out-of-the-blue package from CorgiMom who found me an adorable pair of socks featuring "Gourmet Girl" and a card informing me she has the same pair. As an extra bonus, the card was made by her good friend and the package postmarked from my hometown.

Finally, I got a great package from my sister. Not only did I get a super cool shell bracelet from Hawaii and a "classy" bottle opener for our future ciders, but she also sent a copy of the photo book I had made for her 30th birthday.

Seriously, three packages in less than two weeks! How lucky am I?

P.S. Still writing my diss proposal for this coming week.
P.S.2. Austin is currently making two more gallons of cider.
P.S.3. I want to call our brand LundeRoy Libations and this line Armadillo Apple. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Your mom is totally awesome for sending you leaves! I wish I'd thought of that.


corgimom said...

I have been thinking about making laminated leaves, I just might have to do it.
Those are great names for your cider. Esp. the Armadillo Apple. Fun