Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Weekend

It's been a gorgeous weekend here, perfect for the birthday boy. On Friday, after a busy work-week, Austin initially decided he wanted bbq but just as we approached, a last-minute decision to indulge in his favorite hamburger joint was made so we hit up Mighty Fine. This was the first birthday dinner that Austin ate outside.

After, we stopped to get Austin a fancy beer (Allagash Belgian Tripel if there are any connoisseurs out there) and the clerk also talked us into a sixer of some local brews. Every time we travel, we like to tour breweries but we realized that we haven't checked out any of the five or so located right here in Austown. We'll have to remedy that, maybe when we get another round of parent visitors.

Saturday was another good day with a matinee at our favorite movie theatre. We saw the King's Speech which was excellent, really well done. During the movie, we shared chips and salsa, Austin got Sam Adams beer-battered fish and chips, and I got a veggie pizza. After that we did some bookstore browsing and headed home to finally have some birthday cake. For dinner, we went to a fantastic local Thai place and enjoyed some eye-rollingly good curries. The owner even remembered talking to my dad when he called to get us a gift certificate. We came home and watched The American with George Clooney which was kinda weird but hey, looking at Clooney and the Italian countryside made it palatable.

Today is the usual Sunday routine. Austin fixed a panel on the shed in our yard and is washing his car. We've got all the windows open and I'll be doing some studying outside. We're soaking it in while we can since a cold front is coming and the predicted high for Wednesday is in the mid 30s.

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