Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On Average...

Our last few days of January were about 20 degrees above average, hitting just into the 80s over the weekend. Austin and I soaked up the sun, opened all the windows, and had an impromptu patio party for two. Meteorologists darkly warned that things would change, maybe starting Tuesday night. We went to bed last night still well into the 60s.

By morning, it was barely 30 and that was about the high. Add to that bitter, whipping winds and indeed it was winter in Texas again. Austin actually had the day off so we could do some Grown Up Stuff like banking, tax preparation, an insurance meeting... so we were in and out of the car all day. We also ended up near a big outlet mall so we spent a good part of our time there walking around outside and Austin ended up finding the kind of jacket he's been looking for (which he wore right out of the store).

We got a lot done today and, after lots of tasks and chilly blasts, we've got the fire going and some mulled wine simmering on the stove.

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