Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Good Weekend

No photos to post this time, I guess we were too busy weekend-ing to think about it. On Friday, we had a quiet night and made homemade pizzas. Austin did some gaming and I did some reading.

Saturday I had an old friend in town so we planned to meet him and his girlfriend for lunch. We ended up not only doing that but spending most of the day with them. We had lunch at a local Mexican dive, then hit up the brew pub next door, went to a wacky toy store, and finally ended up at another pub so they could try some local beers (they brew their own, hence the interest). We had a really good time and Austin and I always like the excuse to play tour guide and do some things we wouldn't just do on our own.

Sunday was the usual homework/housework day. Austin and I decided to beer-batter some cheese curds and deep fry them since it was nice enough to set up the fryer outside. I julienned a few potatoes for frites and we panko-battered some onion rings. The concept was good but the wind kept the fryer from reaching a high enough temperature to successfully cook at and we didn't want to bring the thing in the house. This meant the results were not ideal and there is only so much grease and salt a person can take. We were disappointed but lesson learned- the oil has got to be more than just "almost hot enough" and it's better to feed a group. Ah well, at least the kitchen doesn't smell like a greasy spoon.

We're back into the work week and daydreaming about some possible brief excursions to do over my spring break in March. I'm trying not to overdose on WI and world politics, a challenging task. Fortunately Stinky provides the comic relief here; his new trick is sitting up on the bed, purring heartily, and watching us sleep at close range. A little creepy, a little cute, and it makes us laugh.

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Liz said...

I think you need to put the wacky toy store on the itinerary for our upcoming visit. Oh, and also someplace where I can practice my Russian.