Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Weekend in February

Austin took a half day last Friday so the weekend kicked off a little earlier here. As is our custom, we had a quiet night and just came down from the week. We felt rested on Saturday and I started talking about how our bedroom is really the last undecorated space in our house. This was intentional given it is not a common area and we tend to be asleep while in it. It will, however, need some revamping before this house would ever be on the market so we decided to start making a few small but significant changes.

We picked up a few paint samples and it is looking like our current winner is a Behr color called Silver Sage (thanks to the Bergfreys for putting us on that track). I'll be painting in a few weeks when I've got some time over spring break. We also wanted to replace the unsightly metal mini blinds and actually hang curtains. Penney's had a good sale on blinds so we got some 2" faux wood blinds in white, Ikea curtain rods, and budget-friendly white sheers from Target. That will all be put into place when we have the time.

While out on our home improvement errands, we tried a new fast-casual Indian place and were really pleased with our lunch. Naan, daal, and coconut curry with vegetables were on our menu. It was also good to steel ourselves before heading into Ikea on a Saturday, a challenge not recommended unless absolutely necessary and with a clear goal in mind (in this case, curtain rods).

Sunday was the usual housework/homework and I made a from-scratch pizza that included pesto, fresh mozzarella, ricotta, tomatoes, and fresh basil. Then, just like that, we find ourselves off and running with the work week and already into March!

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Allison said...

We know what you mean about Ikea on a Saturday. I think some people go there for the free babysitting. Seriously. We like going there on Friday or Sunday nights. It's much less crowded.