Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Weekend Guest

On Saturday, my cousin's husband flew into town ahead of a business meeting. Being the experienced and adventurous traveler, he gave us permission to take him around and show him a bunch-o-stuff. Our first stop, since he had an evening flight, was a wine bar.

The three of us each got a flight of wines and a cheese plate. We sat outside and, given that the temps were in the low 60s and it was breezy, there were heaters on and chimeneas blazing. There was even a stack of blankets that most customers were making good use of though the two gentlemen in my company declined such fussiness.

As promised, the wine bar had great views of downtown.

After our happy hour, we headed to dinner at a restaurant featuring Mediterranean-esque food and a fantastic wine selection. Customers could walk along the walls and pull any bottle they'd like. We strolled along the walls, read the menu, then asked for a recommendation.

Austin had the duck breast which came with crispy sweet potato shreds and some red grapes. Jeff had the quail and clams and I enjoyed a nice cioppino. The next day, however, fine dining was out the window and naturally we had to hit up the classic bbq dive.

We were so full after, especially the meatetarians, that we decided to pick up some veggies to grill, a baguette, and some cheeses. We thought this might make for a nice, light dinner. Austin was particularly fond of the "Yeti's Best" brand.

We ended up being too full to even grill the vegetables but did a bit of snacking before bed. The next day, Austin had to head back to work so I took Jeff to another wonderful dive so he could try the Austin breakfast classic, migas. Then, after much eating, drinking, and being merry, Jeff was off to work and so was I. The best weekends are the ones that get away from you just like that.

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