Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break

We're both officially off of work this week, seeking that elusive mix of productivity and relaxation. The weather couldn't be nicer so we've been opening up the house every day (we won't be able to do that in a few months, gotta soak it in now!). Yesterday, we experimented with some combination bruschetta-pizza thingies for lunch to use up some leftover ingredients and ciabatta bread, excellent results.

Our bedroom is also torn apart right now. Austin was crawling all around in the rafters dropping cable and cutting holes in the wall to install two runs each of Cat 5E and Coax. I have no idea what that means other than we can now watch TV in our room (and yes, I know it's terrible to have a TV in the bedroom of two insomniacs but in an open floor plan house, sometimes it's nice to have a TV behind a door!). Over the next few days, the painting may just commence as well.

I made homemade banana bread today and planted some morning glories on our trellises. We ran out for some potting soil and looked at trees and shrubs along with some under-cabinet lighting (teaser for April!). It's been great to take on some home improvement projects while we have a chunk of time off together.

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