Saturday, February 12, 2011

On Wednesday, Austin got a random call from a friend of his dad's and before we knew it, we had dinner plans for Thursday. We chose dinner at Vespaio, an Italian restaurant friends had been swooning about. I took the bus to campus so Austin could pick me up right after I was done teaching and take me to meet the family friends.

Vespaio was very busy and we were barely able to press up against the bar to enjoy a few pre-dinner drinks as we waited. It was trying to see the menus and list of specials laying on the bar but a nice glass of Montepulciano (hers) and Anchor Steam beer (his) helped as did the engaging conversation(s) we were having over the din of the bar. Eventually, we were led to our table which was located a little off the main restaurant area in a nook surrounded by walls of wine bottles. After more menu-ogling, we were ready.

Austin tried the mixed seafood grill, enjoying redfish, a crab cake, and salmon.

I opted for the linguine with clams.

Our dinner companions had a lamb shank with saffron risotto (and I had to get my fork into that risotto- divine!) and what I can only describe as a fancy pork chop (I'm not big on meat so I lack the vocabulary to describe it but I can say it went over well with its consumer).

Over all, it was a delightful evening from the wine to the food to the charming company. We have been so lucky to have had so many interesting visitors since we moved to A-town.

PS I had to look into the meaning of the restaurant name, "Vespaio." I wondered if it had anything to do with the Vespa as quintessentially Italian. "Vespa" means "wasp" and "Vespaio" is "wasp's nest." I should have asked why it was named as such.

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