Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl!

It's been a good weekend. On Friday, I had dinner out with some girlfriends at a wine joint. The menu involved home cooking done very much over the top, like my decadent grilled cheese made with artisan bread and gourmet cheeses. A few of the ladies got "haute" dogs that took up an entire plate with garnishes. It was one of those groups that involves people from different yet related fields who end up hitting it off and having great conversation.

Yesterday we met a friend and a new friend out for lunch at a great local pub. This thing is the real deal, not just a newly constructed place that puts British-Irish stuff on the walls and hopes it looks legit. It was almost 60 degrees out so we considered sitting outside but opted for the dark, cozy interior. One of the friends we met up with has been dealing with his wife's undiagnosed, serious illness so it was good to be out and about with him. He also brought a friend with whom I hit it off and we talked a bit of shop while Austin happily tucked into some dark brews from a newly opened local brewery.

Today we've hunkered down for the big game. It's currently in the 70s so we've got all the windows open and a Packers balloon whipping around in the yard (lest our neighbors question our loyalties). We had some great sushi for lunch and will be noshing on appetizers the rest of the day. I miss our big Super Bowl parties from when we lived in WI (a tradition Austin started while in college) but we two + Stinky will still fully enjoy the occasion.

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