Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hallmark Holidays and Homeowning

We're not big on Valentine's Day but I always like the excuse to make a nice dinner and maybe tuck into a decadent dessert. I picked up some halibut on Friday and my gift to Austin, Young's Double Chocolate Stout. We made lentil dal that night, planning on Saturday as our Vday dinner night.

As it turned out, Saturday was not to be. Austin was doing a routine toilet maintenance procedure (technical term? changing the flusher thingie?). Just as he was finishing, another part of the flushing assembly broke and multiple trips to Lowe's ensued. We finally had the halibut on Sunday (panko-herb crusted, quite nice) and then last night were having dinner and some wine when I set my glass on the coffee table and it fell onto our jute rug. At 9pm at night, we were in the back yard trying to pressure-wash the wine out of it. We also discovered that the rug has left residue on our laminate flooring and one of our hoses succumbed to the recent freezing weather. Huh.

So it was an interesting weekend and Vday but it's hard to be in a bad mood with weather forecasts stating things like "abundant sunshine" and temperatures in the 70s as far out as they dare hype. I read online that sunshine and lemon juice can remove stains from jute rugs...

Update: The rug, it seems, will pull through. It is laying in the yard and we sprayed the spot with Folex.

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