Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Up North

I haven't updated the blog lately since I've been traveling and what a great time to be doing so. Spring comes earlier in Texas so it's been nice to have another taste of it up here in "Minnesconsin." I've loved seeing every green-gold young leaf, the flowering trees, and the tulips. This flowering tree is from my inlaws' yard but they seem to exploding all over.

My initial reason for coming home was a conference at which I presented with some wonderful colleagues. I ended up doing lots of work on this trip. First, I had to (desperately) finish a final paper and email it away. Then I submitted final grades for the sections I was teaching. After that was out of the way, I had to do some prep work for the current conference and a fall one while I was able to meet with local colleagues.

Fortunately, I was also able to see family and friends. I spent some time with my parents, saw my brother and his family, then got together with two wonderful girlfriends. We did lots of cooking (Indian fry bread tacos and mujadara) and had wonderful conversations while soaking in some spring sunshine. After the conference, I was also able to attend my niece's second birthday part which was fantastic.

I'm now enjoying my last full day in the great, green north spending a little more time with my parents. It's been a great visit but I'm also ready to head back to Austin and Stinky.

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Liz said...

And I found a great use for the leftover cooked jasmine rice: sliced fresh radishes, slice salad turnips, cilantro, rice vinegar, olive oil, and leftover jasmine rice. Can't stop eating it!