Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anniversary Dinner

Last night we went to Trio at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown and it was a fantastic evening. First we noticed our menus said "Happy 5th Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. [My last name]" since I had made the reservation. Austin enjoyed being called "Mr. C" by the server all night. Then we looked at the table and found a note from my closest friend from grad school and she had ordered a bottle of Champagne for us which was waiting on ice, wow! What a thoughtful gesture. When we finally took it all in, we ordered our appetizer.

Starter: Crab cake on English peas with pea shoots and sweet chili garnish

Salads: Republic Square Salad with goat cheese and puffed rice, dressed with "Bobbi Nelson" dressing; Iceberg wedge with blue cheese, smoked onion, bacon, and herb dressing

View from our booth

Entrees: Shrimp-wrapped scallops with brown butter and lemon preserves; potato-crusted halibut with clam jus

Sides: Truffle mac & cheese; roasted broccolini with chili and garlic

We didn't order dessert but this is what they brought us with the bill; a trio of dessert lollies.

In addition to the bubbly, we talked with the very approachable sommelier and got a bottle of white to accompany the seafood. He had lots of suggestions and eventually we were stuck between an Italian white and a Spanish albariƱo. When I told him we had honeymooned in Spain, he said that was definitely what we should order and headed off to get the bottle. He was also really accommodating and told us we could go to a certain wine shop and tell them he sent us so we could order bottles of any of the wines we saw on the list and wanted to try.

Overall, the food wasn't the best we've ever had but the entire evening was just right. I can't think of a better way to have celebrated our fifth anniversary.

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Liz said...

Ooh, truffle mac and cheese. Sounds fabulous in theory. Congrats on a special evening!