Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nap, Interrupted

We're now on a double digit stretch of triple digit temperatures here and Stinky finds the cool (overly long) grass more appealing than our (overly costly) central air. The three of us are all lounging this weekend. Austin and I grabbed our favorite curry last night, stocked up on groceries, and have no plans to leave the house all weekend due to "reverse winter." We've got plenty of books to read and a new Kindle to fight over, what more could we need?

I guess we could use a private jet. We're missing a graduation, Father's Day, and Austin's grandparents' 60th anniversary all this weekend and thinking lots about the fam. At least I got to see my dad and dad-in-law a few weeks ago. We're sending lots of well wishes and happy thoughts toward the north; enjoy, everyone!

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