Friday, December 16, 2011

Shipping and Receiving Department

After endless ticket shopping, we made the difficult decision to stay in Texas for Christmas. One of my favorite things about the holidays, however, is wrapping presents. We finished our shopping on Wednesday night and I wrapped everything (using sub-standard bows but anyway...) while Austin packaged it to send across the country--no way would I ship unadorned gifts. For awhile, it looked like our living room was a corporate mailing center.

We also got a lovely gift basket from Austin's brother and sister-in-law. Stinky was very concerned because for a few minutes, a box and basket were in his space. He circled the items several times and mewed disdainfully.

We plan on Skyping home during the gift opening and making a nice Christmas dinner. I'm open to veg/pescatarian menu ideas if anyone has any. We mostly will spend time in front of the fireplace, eating good things, sipping wine, and hanging out. The only thing missing is everyone.

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