Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quiet Weekend

We had a quiet weekend at home. On Saturday, we hit the Farmers Market but it was rainy and our favorite hummus stand wasn't there so we didn't end up getting anything. We ran some errands and decided to have some comfort food for dinner--green bean casserole. We watched Super 8 which we found to be a bit of a let-down.

On Sunday, Austin did some work on the cars and I enjoyed baking the best cookies ever (theseohmygodmakethemnow), working on cards, and watching the Packers game. It was pretty much a perfect day of simple pleasures.

It's been very chilly here with overnight lows dipping before freezing and our high today was around 38°. I'm a bit embarrassed at just how cold it feels to me but I embrace it with some of my favorite things- scarves, sweaters, lots of tea, soup, candles, fires... We have a running spreadsheet of features we love/hate in a home for future house shopping and Austin, observing my love of the fireplace, added that one near the top of the must-haves.

We're off and running with another busy week. I'm doing lots of writing, Austin is doing lots of writing, but Friday we'll get done a little early to hit up our Julbord Swedish feast.

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