Friday, May 11, 2012

One of my projects and life

When I was little, maybe brand new, my dad made me a toy box. At some point, it made its way back to me but it had been worn over time and the back panel had been destroyed. Before I moved to Texas, I had my dad replace it. You can sort of see it blending into the white stone of the fire place.

Now that I finally, finally have time, I'm reviving it. I'm re-purposing paint left over from painting the walls of our house. At the moment, I'm thinking the exterior will be white, the inside the deep red of our guest room, and I'm planning a little design to paint on it as well. I have virtually no crafty skills so just unscrewing the hinges and taking them off felt like a significant accomplishment. The first coat of white is on and I'll do the next tomorrow. This will take shape over a few days but I'm hoping it's done before our parents arrive in town for graduation.

On a sad note, as I was going about my project, Austin's grandma Jeanne passed. Our hearts are in Minnesota and we are thinking so much about his family right now.

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AthenaMN said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out. What a great idea.