Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the Semester Dinner Party

My very first semester as a "real" professor is over. Clearly it kept me from blogging more regularly but some of my busy-ness was spent teaching one of my best classes ever--teaching methods for grad students. I had them over at the end of the semester to cook dinner with me. As if we'd be wanting for food, Austin and I set out some appetizers including boursin-roasted pepper crostinis, smoked salmon with cream cheese and bagel chips, and artichoke spread and baguettes.

Then the cooking began.

We enjoyed fried spring rolls, Malaysian noodles, Italian flatbread pizza, a halal chicken dish, and more.

For dessert, there were crêpes and nutella and 18 year aged balsamic on vanilla ice cream. What a fantastic class and group of students.

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