Sunday, August 30, 2015

Settling In

We've finally had a little time to settle in, both doing some unpacking and enjoying the balcony and views.

The wildfire smoke has made the mountains less visible lately but we've got plenty to look at. Austin has the webcam on the construction that is going on in front of us and we keep talking about the possibility of an Amtrak trip sometime. The train is about two blocks away and you can see it in the photo.

We got some unpacking done this weekend and hung up some art. We're a little more motivated since Bruce and Peggy will be visiting this evening but there is still work to be done. Not surprisingly, the largest amount of overflow comes from spices, tea, books, and kitchen gear. It has been good to downsize, though, and we will probably never miss having to mow a lawn. Now back to work!

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