Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reverse Winter

I was talking to my friend the other day saying I didn't want to leave the house, I just wanted to be lazy and nap and enjoy the central air. She laughingly replied that it's reverse winter here, a phrase that perfectly described what I was feeling but hadn't been able to articulate. These are the least pleasant months of the year in TX, the days when you just want to stay inside and enjoy the climate controlled comforts of home.

But we'll take it. After living in the Midwest so long, we're ok with the trade off (who could soon forget what 20 below feels like?) and we love the beautiful weather from late October to late May. I get to wear my sweaters and scarves in December and January and we even turn the heat on at home and bask in front of the fireplace. Two months, no snow, but all the coziness that comes with a chill in the air. Then it's a long spring and, not unlike up north, it's instantly summer with no transition or warning.

I can't believe we're mere weeks from our one year Texiversary but as of August, we'll have had a whole year under our belts and going strong. Who knows where we'll end up when I finish my degree* but until then, we're more than content.

*Austin's vote is for me to get a job in Austin!

I just found this in drafts, it didn't get published when I wrote it last week.

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