Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

Austin had Friday off though he had logged forty hours by then so the day "off" followed a full week's hours anyway. Have I mentioned yet that he's busy at work? But nonetheless, it was a day off and so we foolishly headed to Ikea where everyone else with the day off appeared to be, mostly standing in the middle of the aisles so movement through the store was a bit of a human obstacle course. We left with a kitchen storage jar (for lentisl), a plastic bag holder (for under the sink), and a 5 foot long stuffed alligator. Yes, every visit to Ikea has left us eying this guy- not only is he a cute little 'gator but he's also wearing pajamas AND carries a baby in his mouth AND has a rattle in his tail. We decided it was time to bring one home. We didn't do too much else since Ikea can be really energy draining and headed home to do the faucet swap (mentioned in the previous post). Then just had a low key evening after.

Saturday we did some more projects at home and then met another couple for an awesome night of bowling. We grabbed Mexican for dinner and then headed home to watch a movie.

Today we did the usual errands and the house/home work. We picked up another faucet for the guest bathroom and will try to install that this week. Austin reparied a hole in our fence after we had a skunk visitor last night (luckily we nabbed Stinky and pulled him in before he could live up to his name). We're planning on a low key evening with some grilling as we gear up for another work week.

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