Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School

It's Friday and I've taught all my classes and taken all but one. The classes I taught were good, one section being more squirrely than the other, and I cannot believe how fast three hours goes in comparison to the four hour stretches I taught in the fall. It's nice to have the confidence of teaching this class several times before, not to mention the lesson plans and materials!

As for the classes I'm taking, so far I've been to Psychology of Motivation and Emotion ("Mo & Emo") and Spanish Syntax and Semantics (grammar blast). The psych class was good and the work load seems manageable. The content will be applicable to my students not to mention to me personally as a bogged down grad student. The professor reminds me of my father-in-law, Dave, a smart, quirky, good person. Next Tuesday I'll start my third class, Psychology of Learning, which I'm really looking forward to and is rumored to involve a lot of reading. Like a LOT. One of my classmates is bringing me her copies of the articles because she feels like she "killed a forest" printing them out.

As for the weekend, we'll be laying low. Austin is shaking off a cold and we're both looking forward to having a full weekend to work on house projects. I'll be enjoying my last study-free weekend too, at least until late December.

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