Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wheeling and Dealing

In a very short amount of time, a big plan has been conjured up. Austin and I had been talking about how much we needed a hatchback or some other type of vehicle better equipped for hauling House Stuff. We test drove a few options and found the ideal vehicle but we weren't ready to commit to the finances when I had a perfectly lovely, workable car. Still, every other week or so, we were cramming things into my car in ways that nearly defied the laws of physics.

We casually mentioned this to my parents who had casually mentioned to us, once upon a time, that they'd love first dibs at my car when it was going back on the market. One thing led to another and, with Cash for Clunkers sweetening the deal, and we worked out a great situation involving them getting our current car and us getting a discounted new car (all legally!). This plan came together during my last days of summer school and with the fall semester rapidly approaching. Austin finagled time off work and we're just barely able to head north, swap vehicles, and head back. Whew. I wish we'd thought of this earlier though there really wouldn't have been much wiggle room given my teaching schedule.

Anyway, we'll be heading north midweek and I'm set to blog from my cell phone. We also had my car detailed today and Austin spent hours tweaking minor paint imperfections and other blemishes. We picked up an automatic cat feeder that drops a measured amount of food on a regular basis. I'm completely, ridiculously terrified to leave Stinky unsupervised for five days (technically three if you don't count departure and arrival days). Austin, ever the provider of technology-based solutions, plans to set up a web cam so I can check on that furry black roommate for peace of mind.

We'll load up the car Tuesday night and head out first thing Wednesday morning. Oh yeah, and here's the sassy-sweet ride we'll be coming home in. The Scion tC has a perfect hatchback that, as Austin puts it, opens up like a big alligator mouth. So in spite of a hellish roadtrip schedule, we get to have a quick visit with the fam and work out a win-win car situation. Not bad at all.

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Corgimom said...

Scion owners, finally. Join the pack. We are a special breed:)