Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to Reality?

So after a long week of classes, I was trying to get some work done today but with the beautiful weather and so paralyzingly much work, I couldn't get started. Here is the closest I could get to a picture of me not doing work, Austin outside in shorts petting Stinky while I admired the cuteness.

It's currently an unseasonably warm 74° here, sunny and breezy. The idea of reading on course design, qualitative research methods, or the history of teacher education is just not sounding all that appealing. I also have some major exams coming up (related to my program of study, not the specific courses) so I should be preparing for that too. Ack.

Basically, then, the story is that I've got the busiest semester so far coming up and Austin is keeping pace by working an insane amount of hours lately. We've been experimenting with new crock pot recipes (send us your tried and trues!) and it's been really nice to end our day with the meal all ready to go. I've found that trying new recipes in the crock is a lot more challenging than regular cooking, maybe just because of the types I've selected? I sometimes wonder if the writers and raters of the recipes I've found are easily satisfied with a meal that's thrown together and cooked in one pot so the standards are lower, I'm not sure but it's been interesting.

This weekend has two important agenda items: studying and football. I'll also be making a cheesecake for Austin's upcoming birthday. Other than that, we'll just being enjoying a little down time and some Vitamin D.

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